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Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy


System Configuration:

-   Upright
-   Inverted
-   Side Illumination


System Compatibility:
The Labram HR spectrometer (by Horiba JY) is compatible with the following AFM models:

-   XE-70
-   XE-100
-   XE-120
-   XE-150
-   XE-Bio


The Benefits:
Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) when combined with an atomic force microscope provides information about the intermolecular vibrations of the sample while providing 3 dimension topographic information.  One of the main advantages for using an AFM-nano Raman system lies in the increased Raman resolution available with the TERS technique over micro Raman measurements.  

Such a  technique can offer unprecedented resolution that has become a very useful tool for biologists and surface  or material scientists, as well as, for nano-characterization in the semiconductor industry.



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Atomic Force Microscopy AND Raman Spectroscopy



1. The basic parameters of the AFM head are defined with the Park Systems software


2. The Labspec software takes the control of the AFM-Raman instrument to run AFM image and Raman spectra simultaneously


Side illumination Configuration of the AFM-Raman system shown with the XE-100 with Optional Optical Head and the HJY Labram HR.

Publications Combining XE-AFM/HJY Raman Spectroscopy

Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy on azobenzene thiol self-assembledmonolayers on Au(111), Gennaro Picardi, Marc Chaigneau, Razvigor Ossikovski, Christophe Licitrab and Guillame Delapierreb, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2009, 40(10) p 1407-1412

Polarization Properties of Oblique Incidence Scanning Tunneling Microscopy–Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Gennaro Picardi, Quang Nguyen, Razvigor Ossikovski, and Joachim Schreiber, Applied Spectroscopy, 61(12), 2007 p 1301-1305

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